About Us

Dr Hemant Sharma

Dr Hemant Kumar
Founder, Healthfort

We are facing a strange paradox – our lifespans are increasing and quality of life in as far as incidence of lifestyle conditions is concerned – is decreasing.

Chronic conditions like, diabetes, obesity and hypertension are taking an increasing toll on everyone be it school going children or employees in a corporate environment.

Managing these lifestyle conditions poses a very different challenge than say, managing an episode of infectious illness, where one course of antibiotic and one is usually cured. These conditions often require lifelong engagement in preventive steps, and medical management.

We at Healthfort, are on a mission to improve the health of our users. We aim to achieve this with the use of deep medical expertise, analytics and cutting edge I.T.

We believe offering our users and their healthcare providers access to medical records in an effortless way, offering them key trends in their health parameters and engaging them with relevant medical information would go a long way in addressing the challenge of lifestyle diseases.

We work with institutions – schools and corporates – to create awareness, offer insights based on analytics to help improve health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs for organizations.

"Health is the soul that animates all enjoyments of life, which fade and are tasteless without it." - Seneca